Project Partners

The SomnIA Collaborative Research Project is working closely with five project partners. These partners are providing advice, access to research settings and products, and dissemination regarding one or more Work Packages. The Project Investigators and Project Partners comprise the SomnIA Steering Committee, which meets every six months.


Healthtalkonline (formerly DIPEx) is a registered charity with a Research Group based in Department of Primary Care, University of Oxford (Contact: Sue Ziebland, Research Director). Healthtalkonline produces a unique, award-winning website ( Healthtalkonline will work in partnership with the CRP to produce a website module on 'sleep problems among older people', containing video, audio and textual accounts of older people's experiences and self-management of sleep problems

Relatives and Residents Association

Working with the Relatives and Residents Association will facilitate links with older service users, which will inform all aspects of the research.


Philips have expertise in design of luminaries/fixtures for the community and care homes. They will have a major input into WP5 and WP6.

Nottinghamshire Healthcare Trust

Nottinghamshire healthcare NHS Trust will assist with WP4. They will support training of NHS primary care practitioners and ‘Expert Patients' in self-management techniques for treating sleep problems among patients with chronic disease.

Age UK


  Age UK will provide valuable advice and assistance throughout the duration of the project.